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Our history dates back to 1992. We remember it with happiness, but we are most concerned with the present and the future. We are currently the largest manufacturer of shading equipment in the Czech Republic and our offer contains dozens of types of products for external and internal shading. We intend to hold this position in the future, so we constantly work on innovations of the products and improvement of our services.
  We extend the manufacturing facilities, which currently consist of four halls with the area of 22,000 m2 as well as foreign export, which constitutes 60 % of our sales.
Installations and consultancy are provided by trained CLIMAX partners whose almost one hundred shops can be found throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia. If you prefer to see the individual products personally, please visit one of our showrooms.

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CLIMAX SWISS GmbH, Talstrasse 1, 8852 Altendorf
tel.: +41 44 492 10 10, cell: +41 78 401 74 37, e-mail: m.hanicakova@climax-swiss.ch



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